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A Little Help from My Friends

Some folks wonder if they’ll run out of ideas for an enterprise like this blog.  My problem lies in the other direction. My “Idea Zone” file just keeps on growing. I don’t always look at it before I write a post. Sometimes (like last time) an idea presents itself just when I’m ready to write. But not every week is like that. Besides, some of those ideas in the Zone are worth addressing in some depth. I want to explore them all fully. So I wander through my IZ often in order to re-acquaint myself with the inhabitants. A little time and distance often reveal fresh possibilities in too-familiar material. My problem isn’t finding something to write about. It’s choosing from an abundance of ideas and issues I want to address. A related problem is my recent busy-ness. I’ve struggled to find enough quiet space in which to think, meditate, cogitate—yes, and pray—to sort out the best among all those good ideas.

So I’d like a little help from my friends and followers. Among all that’s on my mind, what’s on your mind too? What would you like to see addressed in this space? Which among the ideas below grabs your attention or catches your curiousity?

 Highlights from My Idea Zone

  • The resurgence of Creationism in schools and other parts of society; its implications for Christianity, society, and scientific progress
  • The obesity epidemic—Does the church have a role to play in addressing the issue? How does stewardship of one’s physical resources fit into the bigger picture of whole-life stewardship?
  • Some multi-part issues:
    • Lessons learned at my pool table about life and ministry.
    • Names we shouldn’t have to call the church (e.g.” friendly”, “missional”, “bible-believing”, “evangelical”, “externally-focused”).
    • History we must teach upcoming generations—Clarence Jordan, Watergate, Dietrich Bonhoeffer and the Nazi attempt to co-opt the church, Joseph McCarthy, the Civil Rights struggle; who or what would you add?
    • The Bible, its place in our lives, the different ways we read it and how those different approaches shape our theology, our practice, and our life together. (Might be another multi-part project!)
    • We’re losing the ability to compromise or to disagree agreeably. We’re insisting more and more in politics, religion, and other areas of life on “my way or the highway”. Can we find a different way?
    • “I’m not talking to you today, God”—one woman’s way of praying through a very tough time.

That’s by no means all. My intent when I write is never to bring the final authoritative word on a subject, but to share my perspective in the hope of starting a wider dialog that generates more light than heat with regard to the subject.

So, friends and followers, a little help please. Which among these ideas rattling around in my mind interests/concerns/excites/angers/puzzles you? What haven’t I covered that’s on your mind? Chances are you’re hardly the only one thinking about it.